I have participated in many group and solo exhibitions
in the US and abroad. Awards include two New Jersey State Council on the Arts fellowships
and an NEA regional fellowship through the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.
In 2010 I received a George & Helen Segal Foundation Grant for NJ sculptors.
My work is included in many private, museum and corporate collections
as well as the US embassy in Thailand. I received a BFA in
painting from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia and an MA in art
from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.
My sculptures are represented by browngrotta arts
in Wilton, Connecticut. I also have worked in partnership with MarilynKeating
on public art and studio projects at The South Jersey Museum of Curiosities.
For further information regarding work shown here, contact Debra Sachs.

There is often a visual beauty underlying environmental destruction.
storms, fires, tsunamis, tornados, all visually mesmerizing, all a potential horror show.
It is almost like the breathtaking beauty serves as a warning.
For the last several years I have been concentrating on making artworks that
reflect the changing temperatures in my home location, Gloucester City, New Jersey.
It's by the Delaware River and across from Philadelphia International Airport. That is where I feel it.

Many years ago, a friend asked if I think in patterns.
I had never considered this question but the answer was and remains a big YES.
Both my 3-D and 2D works over several decades are mainly composed of patterns,
repeating, morphing, gradually changing.
Patterns help me make order out of chaos or to express chaos within order.
I spend a lot of time canoeing and hiking in the Pinelands of New Jersey.
This involves driving by many blueberry fields.
These fields are ever changing in color and character throughout the seasons;
from a sea of bright red sticks in the winter
to sprouting green bushes eventually bearing blue fruit in early summer to yellow ochre in autumn.
Expressing how shapes and colors represented through patterns reveals changes in the
personality of my environment is and remains an ongoing pursuit in my present art.




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