Calendar Clocks: April 2014 through March 2015

“Calendar Clocks” represents months from April 2014 through March 2015.
These explored weather patterns in the form of relief paintings. Each month is represented by an ideal version of the month
and an actual version, resulting from record keeping of the daily high and low temperatures in my location in Gloucester City, NJ,
right across from Philadelphia International airport where temperatures are recorded.
Each day I followed forecasts, kept a diary and recorded high and low temperatures along with daily averages.
Each unit is approximately 6.25" high and 8" wide with varying depths depending on hours of daylight in that month
(i.e. June is the thickest month and December the shallowest).
Wood slats are cut in a wavy profile and laminated together in a stepped fashion creating an undulating motion, like wind.
The surfaces are intricately painted in varying checkered fashion.The idealized versions are in two parts to represent day and night.
The actual versions are formatted like wall calendars with numbered days. It is here that you one can visualize extreme temperature shifts
expressed through color changes. Color, form and pattern change with each month and within each month.
The pieces are arranged like giant clocks on the wall with January in noon position
One of the most striking things I noticed was that even though it seemed a relatively cool/cold time period,
night times did not often cool off, with temperatures staying well above average.
One tends to focus more on how warm it gets during daytime hours. Click on the images for more detailed pictures.

CALENDAR CLOCK: 50"x50"x 3 1/8" EACH; Idealized Version Using Average Temperatures
for Philadelphia, Pa, USA Area
Actual Version
using recorded Daily High & Low Temperatures
for Philadelphia, Pa, USA Area (RIGHT)

Click on individual elements below for detailed pictures.
jan-march actual

Installation Shot Below: Moore College Of Art Jun-Aug 2019

jul-sep actual jan-march actual oct-dec actual jul-sep actual jul-sep actual apr-jun actual jul-sep average oct-dec average jan-march average apr-junaverage