Though sculpture has dominated my art career, I was trained as a painter and maintain an ongoing fascination with two-dimensional representations of space.  I am consistently drawn to how an object occupies space as well as the illusion of space. Many years ago I visited the Morgan Library in New York City to see an exhibition of medieval manuscripts.  Almost all the images incorporated checkered backgrounds in blue and gold.  I was fascinated that these backgrounds, meant to represent empty space, were created with solid patterns.  For many years after the Morgan Library exhibit, I intermittently created paintings in modified checkered patterns combining a metallic color with a black or dark color.  Object design (the shape of an object) and surface design are the two main elements that make up this sculpture.  These works introduce an interest in illusion to the three dimensional form.  The tiered forms reminiscent of pyramids and columns.  They are fabricated from wood and their surfaces are intricately painted in varying checkered fashion.



WHEEL 2019