This work unites an interest in illusion to the three dimensional form. 
Wood slats are cut in a wavy profile and laminated together in a stepped fashion creating an undulating motion. 
The surfaces are intricately painted in varying checkered fashion. 
Many are carved with slashing lines creating an extra level of movement.
The painting style works in a similar way that pixels work to create illusion in digital photography,
producing a range of solid areas to airy areas depending on the color and/or quality of the combination of rectangles.

The shelf pieces below hold small fragments that imagine moments stilled, like fossils of dramatic environmental occurrences. The painted patterns provide a close-up view, like magnified pixels.

Installation View of Shelf Pieces
Going Solo And Tandem: Selected works by Marilyn Keating and Debra Sachs

Featuring observations and navigations of our daily environment.

Stockton College Art Gallery 9/3/2014-11/9/2014

The three pieces to the left preceded the shelf pieces by several years. They spawned the work shown above. The techniques used here were on hiatus for several years while I revisited the land of two dimensions.

Installation View of Wax Wane and Amber Waves of Grain
Stockton College Art Gallery 9/3/2014-11/9/2014




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